New sperrys #lifeiagood #sperry #boatshoes (Taken with Instagram)
Mahh girl a cucc
3rd Apr 201209:48
Anonymous asked:

looking good vvvv :)

Loll, tanks anon!

I like to think that we look cute ! :) aashnaaaa patell
25th Mar 201214:01
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Its nice to know that someone actually takes value in my friendship with them. That makes my day. woo!

I mean we are friends , but way to blow me off like that, when I come to your help. not cool.

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CNV00023 explored (by alesha joy)
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fuck you dr. suess you’re always right…
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but.. im am really happy that my friends are going out.. they look soooo cuite togetherr :D

the cutiesss <333
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